Lacrosse Massage Balls (2pack)
Lacrosse Massage Balls (2pack)
Lacrosse Massage Balls (2pack)
Lacrosse Massage Balls (2pack)
Lacrosse Massage Balls (2pack)

Lacrosse Massage Balls (2pack)

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If there’s one thing you should implement to increase mobility, it’s a lacrosse ball. It’s great for breaking up muscle knots and hard to reach trigger points. Use the Lacrosse ball for crossFit, foot massage, physical therapy, back pain, sore muscle relief, myofascial trigger points, even juggling or as a toy for your dogs.


  • PAIN RELIEF, ENERGY BOOST TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE BALLS FASCIA RELEASE: Remain healthy, active and full of energy. Free yourself from myofascial pain that stops you from living your day in full. Enhance your flexibility by increasing your blood flow with these trigger point therapy balls.
  • KEEP YOUR FITNESS HIGH MASSAGE BALL FOR FOOT & MASSAGE BALL FOR BACK: A lean, flexible, figure always wins the impressions of people around us. Serves also as best foot massage ball. Work out without pain and stay fit with the revolutionary Lacrosse massage balls we offer you. Feel rejuvenated and stay healthy forever!
  • LACROSSE BALL PREMIUM QUALITY IN A PACK OF 2: The set includes 2 rubber balls, made of 100% natural rubber that can easily be carried to your Yoga class, Pilates sessions or on your holidays.
  • DEEP TISSUE INSTANT RELIEF : Our muscle tension relief balls alleviate pain and tension all over your body muscles. They enhance blood circulation in tight muscles and make you feel revived and rejuvenated. Your ideal training tool in Yoga classes, crossfit or any type of fitness workout.

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as promised

Hey Ar-Raheem,

Thanks for your review so glad your enjoying the product and we were able to deliver it quickly to you! Please let me know if any questions come up at any point.

- Tyler Simmons
Elevate President and Founder

Still haven’t received my order!!!
Hey Miguel, So sorry for the delay in shipping to you, we will check with USPS on the shipment right away and get back to you by email! - Tyler Simmons Elevate Founder
Hey Joshua, Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you're enjoying the lacrosse balls and they're helping with your lower back pain. We love hearing from our customers especially when they have a great experience. If you have any questions about training or future products please reach out we're here to help. - Tyler Simmons Elevate Founder