D1 Lacrosse - Wall Ball Routine

D1 Lacrosse - Wall Ball Routine

All successful lacrosse players know the importance of completing a wall ball routine every single day. Lacrosse players with great stick skills will always be on the field. Putting in the individual work will only help yourself and your team. If you are a lacrosse player that is a beginner or even an advanced player, if not already, you should incorporate a wall ball drill into your work out routine!

Its not the most exciting thing in the world to hit the wall every day but if you want to become a great player its a must to have a great stick. Think of how much it's going to pay off in the long run to help motivate yourself to practice on your own when most won't.

There are many different wall ball routines out there and you can make yours unique to your time and skill level. It is very important to always wear your gloves and helmet. You play with your equipment on so you should practice with it on! It is all about repetition, so establish how many reps you want to complete for each drill. Make sure you're going through the wall ball routine as fast as you can to simulate game speed reps. You can try mixing in some games during your wall ball to make it more fun. An advanced game you can play to increase the pressure during wall ball is if you drop the ball, start that segment over you were on until you complete it with no drops. Make sure you are throwing the ball hard against the wall and snapping your wrists!

Wall Ball Workout:

Right Hand - 50 reps

Left Hand - 50 reps

Quick Stick Right Hand - 50 reps

Quick Stick Left Hand - 50 reps

One Hand Righty - 25 reps

One Hand Lefty - 25 reps

Catch Switch Hands and Throw - 50 reps

Throw pass and catch across body RH - 25 reps

Throw pass and catch across body LH - 25 reps

Shovel passes RH - 25 reps

Shovel passes LH - 25 reps

Behind the back strong hand - 25 reps

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- Tyler Simmons

President/Founder Elevate Sports

University of Denver Lacrosse 14'

Stanford Asst Lacrosse Coach

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