Elevate Sports was created from our passion for athletics with a mission to help build you into a better athlete. Founded in San Francisco by Tyler Simmons a former University of Denver Division 1 lacrosse player and Stanford college lacrosse coach. We know what it takes for you to reach your athletic goals whatever they may be because we've been there.

Tyler grew up loving all sports constantly working on his skills outside of practice to become the best he could.  The only problem was finding other people who wanted to practice as much as he did which is how Elevate's first product was created. Tyler started using football tackle dummies as goalie and defenders to help make his lacrosse practice more game-like and fun. However the football dummies were too heavy, the wrong shape, and not portable which lead to the idea of the 11th man goalie/defender being created.  

It took us about one year from the first sketches of the 11th man to get it onto the shelves.  It wasn't easy to start and we had almost no success for the first 8 monthes with very limited sales.  However after working non stop learning how to get the product in front of people and show everyone the value in it, we were sold out 2 monthes later.

 Our main focus when creating our training products is to make sure they provide the maximum amount of realistic game-like improvements, which makes training more fun since it resembles the game more closely.  The more fun you have while practicing, the more you want to practice, and the more you practice the better you become.  We want to help you reach any goal you have, whether it's scoring your first goal or becoming a professional athlete someday, there's nothing quite like putting in the work and seeing it pay off in the end.

We don't just preach hard work and determination, we do it ourselves too. We're constantly updating our products trying to find better ways to make them more effective, durable and easier to use to help you reach your ultimate goal.  It's all about the grind, day in and day out, come join our team and let us help you get there!