Elevate Sports was created from our passion for lacrosse with a mission to help build you into a better player. Founded in San Francisco by Tyler Simmons a former University of Denver Division 1 lacrosse player and Stanford college lacrosse coach.

Tyler grew up loving all sports constantly working on his skills outside of practice to become the best he could.  The only problem was finding other people who wanted to practice as much as he did which is how Elevate's first product was thought of. Tyler started using football tackle dummies as goalies and defenders to help simulate real game situations while practicing on his own.  Not only did they help improve his shooting, dodging, screenshots etc more than any other product had before but it made practicing 10x more fun and engaging due to how closely the dummies could resemble game-like situations. 

However the football dummies were so heavy, the wrong shape, expensive and not portable which lead to the idea of the 11th man goalie/defender being created so everyone could get the value of having a realistic goalie/defender in their training sessions.

We spent hundreds of hours testing different shapes, materials, colors etc until we landed on our first 11th man dummy 1 year later.  Since then we've continued to improve our dummies and add new ones to the mix to have more options for all level of athletes.

Our main goal when designing our products is to have them create the most game-like simulations as possible during practice to help improve game day performance.  This not only better prepares athletes for game day but makes practicing much more engaging and fun.  It's those hours upon hours you put in behind the scenes when no one's watching that will set you apart from the pack.

We want to help you reach any goal you have, whether it's scoring your first goal, making the A team or becoming a professional athlete someday, there's nothing quite like putting in the work and seeing it pay off in the end.  Come join our team and let us help you get there! 

If you have any questions, suggestions, product ideas etc please reach out to us and we'll get back to you right away we love hearing from other lax rats out there!