Elevate Sports was created from our passion for athletics with a mission to help build you into a better athlete through the most durable and game-like training products. Founded by Tyler Simmons a former University of Denver Division 1 lacrosse player and Stanford college lacrosse coach, we know what it takes for you to reach your athletic goals whatever they may be.

Growing up Tyler loved playing sports and building training items to make those sports more fun such as bike jumps, ski rails, goals etc.  Elevate is the combination of these two things in order to help others become the best athletes they can be while increasing their enthusiasm for sports.

Elevate's first product was created when Tyler started using boxing dummies as goalies/defenders to work on shooting during college and noticed how much they improved his and younger kids he was coaching shooting accuracy.  The old fashion velcro to the cage shot blockers may look fun but don't help you a become a better shooter and actually reinforce bad aiming habits.  The only problem with the boxing dummies was that they kept breaking, they were not the correct shape and they would always fall over which lead to the elevate sports 11th man lacrosse goalie/defender being created.

Our main focus when creating our training products is to make sure they provide the maximum amount of realistic game-like skill improvements, which also makes training a lot more fun.  The more fun you have while practicing, the more you want to practice, and the more you practice the better and more dedicated you become.

In the sport and performance world we often hear about the 10,000 hour rule of mastery. It encompasses ideas of hard, taxing, physical work and committing to the grind. What we often skip over however, is how those 10,000 hours are spent and the meaning behind those 10,000 hours. How much time is being spent on your inner experience? How much time is spent on the mind, that is imperatively connected to our emotional and physical being?  We hired a mental performance professional to provide you with the mental side of the sports and fitness to make sure you get the most out of your training sessions.  We put all the free videos on our vlog and youtube channel to help you but if you want 1v1 personal mental performance coaching email our professional is

To sum it up we are determined to help you excel at all levels by providing the most innovative and effective training products whether you're a new or experienced athlete. Products that help develop skill, agility, coordination, quickness and most importantly, durable training products built to last the long practice training sessions it requires to truly elevate your game.  Be sure to check out our comprehensive Video Training Video Library for skill and mental training to make sure you're getting the most out of our products.