How should I string my lacrosse stick? What lacrosse gear should I buy?

How should I string my lacrosse stick? What lacrosse gear should I buy?

There's a ton of great lacrosse gear out there for sticks, helmets, gloves etc that you can't really go wrong with but by far the most important thing is how your stick is strung and what mesh you use.  If you have a poorly strung stick you're not going to be very good at lacrosse or have very much fun.

If you're not sure if your stick is strung well feel free to email us photos to and we can check it out for you!  Your local lacrosse store should also be able to tell you if it's good or not.  A lot of new young players buy the cheap pre-strung heads from the sporting good stores that are nearly impossible to play with.  The heads themselves are fine to start with but it's the way they're strung that makes it so hard to play.  They usually come with really soft mesh which makes the ball go straight down, or tiny pockets that the ball keeps on falling out of.

If you're a newer player and don't know how to string or fix your own stick yet you can get all the cheaper pads, cleats, sticks etc but make sure you either pay a good stringer from a local store to string your head or buy one from one of the good lacrosse head stringing companies like ECD lax, string king, wolf athletics etc.  This will make learning lacrosse so much easier for you.  This isn't just for new players either I've seen college players with sticks strung so bad that they can barely hit the cage when they shoot.  If you're not sure or have questions on where to stick strung to feel free to reach out and we can help(we don't sell any lacrosse sticks or pads though just training equipment).


- Tyler Simmons

Founder Elevate Sports

Stanford Lacrosse Coach

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