Elevate Sports was created from our passion for athletics with a mission to help build you into a better athlete through the most durable and game-like training products. Founded by Tyler Simmons a former University of Denver Division 1 lacrosse player and Stanford college lacrosse coach, we know what it takes for you to reach your athletic goals whatever they may be.

Elevate's first product was created when Tyler started using boxing dummies as goalies/defenders to work on shooting during college and noticed how much they improved his shooting.  The only problem was that they kept breaking, they were not the correct shape and they would always fall over which lead to the 11th man being created. 

We are determined to help you excel at all levels by providing the most innovative and effective training products whether you're a new or experienced athlete. Products that help develop skill, agility, coordination, quickness and most importantly, durable training products built to last the long practice training sessions it requires to truly elevate your game.  Be sure to check out our comprehensive Video Training Video Library to make sure you're getting the most out of our products.


Tyler Simmons - President and Founder

As a former University of Denver D1 lacrosse player, director at Booth lacrosse and current Stanford college lacrosse coach, I know what it takes for athletes to reach their peak performance.  Since the day I could walk I've been obsessed with all sports and the training that goes on behind the scenes of becoming an elite athlete. Now it's my goal to help everyone become the best athlete they can be, by falling in love with the process of becoming great. Our game-like training equipment and interactive training videos are designed to do just that. 


Dane Holt - Vice President and Co Founder

Dane was a standout high school lacrosse player and played collegiate lacrosse at the University of Oregon.  He Focuses on supply chain logistics, financial forecasting and reporting. He brings his skills from working at the Pac 12 network, Havas media and Obsqura digital. 

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Jenny Simmons - Mental Performance Director

Jenny is a graduate of The University of Denver Professional Psychology. She works with Elevate Sports in hopes of creating products that help athletes achieve greater enjoyment and performance in sport, life, and in their chosen performance domain.  She was also a standout volleyball player in high school.


Sean Sears - Quality Control Expert

Sean is a former D1 soccer player and brings his experience of using and creating many training products over the years for all sports.  He has great ability to pay attention to the details of the products from his lifetime of playing and working in the sporting industry. 


Nicki Simmons - Marketing Consultant

Nicki brings a wealth of marketing experience from working for four other amazing companies in the past including TRX sports training equipment.  She was also a varsity high school soccer and volleyball player who understands the sports world.